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Smart Parking

Feb, 2020

Curtin is implementing Smart Parking as a way to reduce the emissions, congestion and frustration caused by cars circling parking areas searching for a free bay.

In 2018, Curtin began investigating parking solutions that would assist to alleviate the parking issues experienced across Campus. After careful analysis, ParKam was identified as an innovative and reliable solution. ParKam is an image processing and AI-based technology that provides the only parking system worldwide that navigates the driver inside the carpark, turn-by-turn to a car bay.

When the system is fully operational, drivers will be able to download the ParKam App and navigate straight from home all the way to an available parking bay. Five digital screens at key entry points around Campus will also show students, staff and visitors how many bays are available in each carpark.

sample image of how the carpark display will look

Additionally, the installation of 250 plus cameras to support Smart Parking will strengthen the University’s security surveillance capabilities.

When this project is complete, it will cover approximately 30 parking areas and 6,000 bays, making it the world’s largest parking navigation project.

Smart Parking is the next initiative to form part of Curtin’s Smart Campus strategy. Other initiatives have included people counting cameras located outside learning areas for space optimisation and animated sign posts to support improved wayfinding.