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Containers for Change launching in WA October 1

September, 2020

Commencing October 1, you will be able to receive a 10c refund when you recycle eligible drink containers as part of Containers for Change, the new state-wide container deposit scheme.

In WA alone, we use more than 1.3 billion eligible drink containers each year. This is enough to circumnavigate WA six times every year. This initiative will assist to improve our recycling habits and help us to make change and earn some cash while we do it.

From October 1, Curtin will be supporting the initiative and distributing funds collected through the scheme to various charities. We appreciate many Curtin students and staff will elect to take their containers home or direct to a refund point. However, if you choose to dispose of your eligible containers at Curtin, we will have dedicated, labelled bins located at key high traffic locations to support this scheme. You can download a map of the Containers for Change bin locations below:

The bins will look similar to the one featured below:

CDS bin

If you have any enquiries about these changes or locations, please contact:

And, for more general information about the scheme and which containers are eligible, please visit -

We look forward to supporting Containers for Change.