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Curtin University

Violent / Threatening Person

  1. In a life threatening situation call "0 000" from an internal phone or "000" from an external or mobile phone.
    For other assistance call Security "4444" from an internal phone or "92664444" from an external or mobile phone.
  2. If confronted, obey instructions if safe to do so:
    • Do not argue or provoke the person.
    • Do not attempt to physically subdue the person.
    • Back away and alert others to move away also.
    • Make it easy for the person to leave the building / area.
    • If the person appears psychotic (unusual behaviour, saying odd things):

    • Try and create a calm, non- threatening atmosphere. Reduce distractions; turn off noisy equipment and computer monitors.
    • Talk slowly, quietly, firmly and simply.
    • Avoid direct eye contract, do not get too close.
    • If you can get the person to calm down, try and get them to sit down with you.
    • Do not try to reason with acute psychosis. They may be acting this way because hallucinations and voices that they are hearing are very real to them.
    • Express empathy for the person's emotional distress, but do not pretend that the delusions or voices are real for you.
    • Comply with reasonable requests.
  3. Observe carefully:
    • Any articles touched by the person.
    • Physical details and attire.
    • Points which may aid description (including mannerisms).
    • Direction that the person took when they left the area.
  4. dial 4444 or 9266 4444 from a mobile and provide details of the incident as soon as possible, advise of any unusual behaviour - seek advice on next action.
  5. Record information for Police
  6. Be prepared to evacuate or secure the building /area - await further instructions from the Emergency Response Officer or Security.

In regards to lecture theatres / laboratories it is the responsibility of the lecturer / tutor to ensure that their class is evacuated and to maintain control of the students during the emergency until released by the Emergency Response Officer.