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Building 311 SuperLab PC2 Pilot Project

Project overview

The Building 311 SuperLab PC2 Pilot Project forms part of Curtin’s Super Sciences Program and involves the refurbishment of the northern section of Building 311, which was originally built in the 1970’s.

This project serves as a ‘Prototype’ SuperLab, offering the opportunity to improve the learning experience for Curtin Health Sciences and Science & Engineering students, explore new teaching methods and build a culture and work practices that support multidisciplinary science. A key deliverable of the project is PC2 compliant laboratory space that is innovative and richly interactive.

The project is scheduled for completion late 2019.

artists impression as landscape perspective of new SuperLab building 311

Project features

Refurbishment of the northern section of Building 311 into a multidisciplinary PC2 capable undergraduate science teaching facility, accommodating all Faculty of Health Sciences and Faculty of Science and Engineering Classes using RG2 organisms. This includes:

  • Flexible SuperLab that can accommodate 96 students, whilst having the functionality to sub-divide into halves or quadrants for separate teaching spaces. This space will include wet-staining benches, sinks and biosafety cabinet work stations.
  • Additional Flexi Dry Lab that accommodates 12 students.
  • An Interactive Student Hub for students to collaborate between classes.
  • Supporting facilities including Preparation Area, Cool Room and a BSC II Zone.
  • Upgrades to existing amenity including toilets and meeting room, in addition to key infrastructure and compliance works.

Project benefits

In addition to delivering new laboratory and learning spaces and an enhanced student experience, the refurbishment of Building 311 offers significant benefits to the University:

  • Works will address end of life infrastructure and hazmat compliance issues.
  • Transformation of learning space will enable the Faculties of Health Sciences and Science & Engineering to deliver units more efficiently.
  • The project serves as a prototype, which will allow Curtin to explore innovative initiatives prior to the design of the proposed ‘Super Sciences’ facility.