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John Curtin Centre Seating

Project overview

The London Plane trees that have provided welcome greenery at Curtin's Perth campus have also meant that the grass beneath their shade has struggled to grow. In a bid to counteract this, we wanted to improve the aesthetics of the landscaping at the John Curtin Centre area and encourage use of the space by students and staff.

artistic impresssion of how finished seating will look

Project solution

We engaged landscape architects who could design, develop and create an environment that people would want to use.

close up image of finished seating in use by stundets

Project outcome

An installation of two attractive wooden benches took place at The Forum. These curved in and around trees with a shade-tolerant landscape planted behind. The Alcoa Court has permeable paving and garden beds beneath trees, with Kink furniture for students, staff and visitors to use.

finished seating and grassed area in use