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PUBLIC Campus 2016 @ Curtin

Project overview

A who’s who of international urban artists have woven their stories into the cultural fabric of Curtin University's Perth Campus, as part of FORM’s festival of urban activation and art.

Curtin embraced PUBLIC CAMPUS 2016 for its alignment with the University's transformational agenda for a Greater Curtin. Curtin is not only the largest Western Australian University, it is one of the most multi-cultural universities in Australia welcoming students from more than 100 countries around the world.

PUBLIC Campus 2016 Artwork Locations

artists work - tellas
“One of the first things I noticed about Australia was the extensive varieties of plants and trees. I liked the idea of starting from the green and moving to the warm shades of the desert. The Pinnacles in Western Australia, it has given me a lot of inspiration for the artwork.”
artists work - qbic
“An old man buoyed on a book, rowing with quills. His body is a bottle and he floats on an ocean of stories emanating from the book. His surroundings are bare and sparse but it doesn’t bother him because his internal world is rich with fantasy, nourished by his book.”
artists work - addfuel
“Personally I loved the scale and blue popping-out-of-the-environment colours of the mural at Curtin.”
artists work - millo
“With my murals I feel like I have to leave something behind for the people, a positive message for the people that live in the city.”
artists work - jabbari
“I had to leave my hometown and move to Canada because no one believed I could succeed in art. I came back after 13 years and took that picture. It’s very symbolic because I had so many things in mind when I was standing on the bus wreck and this is what I wrote on the wall.”
artists work - borondo
“Through my artworks and their different levels I try to make people think about the hidden message behind the poetic image. I look for reflection and harmony and not for reaction.”
artists work - hense
“The space was very open and vast so I had to make shapes and forms really large. With a ceiling you have to look up to see the work which was a very different process for me. We created both huge forms and smaller patterns and lines to give the work intimacy as well as scale.”
artists work - tresoldi
“The sculpture is an intricate wire mesh torso with linked arms enveloping a young sapling on campus. The living tree moves with the breeze and continues to grow as the ‘earth heart’ of the wirework torso.”

As this activation project unfolded over the week it captivated the campus community. An exceptional and incredibly diverse body of work emerged from world-class artists.

The opportunity that this project has given our students is immeasurable. Being able to rub shoulders with and watch and learn from the world's best contemporary street artists provides a type of learning that cannot be achieved within the classroom. Our illustration students were fortunate enough to hear directly from the artists and see the artworks up close with their own private tours. This sparked ideas and gave them inspirational guidance for their own upcoming mural projects.

artists work - mills
“I was initially inspired to create a work that connected to the imagery of astronauts and space. Creatively the idea of space and technology resonated with the theme of loneliness which I am constantly exploring through my work.”
artists work - dee
“My mural explores the idea of university life, the flow of students around campus relating to the way marine life interact on a coral reef and the sometimes overwhelming feelings of life as a student.”
artists work - nixon
“The site is used as a thoroughfare by the audience, so I was keen to create something that could have multiple experiences of the same work - either moving completely through it from end to end, or just catching one end of it.”
artists work - jabbari
“I wanted it to be a way for us to find some common ground and enjoy our differences in harmony. The BRIDGES wall is a visual trip following the shape of the wall, as you walk past and the light reveals more details, the deeper the experience is”
artists work - welsh
“Lots of students are faced with the pressure of ‘what to do after college’ so I really wanted the artwork to give something to the students, a message or a feeling that it’s ok to feel scared or nervous, and that everyone feels that way at some point in their life.”
artists work - odgers
“My mural at Curtin is based on the idea of new horizons and moving forward into the future.”
artists work - island
“Firewood Banksia is a Western Australian native commonly found in natural woodlands in the area. I liked the texture and colours of the concrete wall so to make it part of the artwork I used subdued colours and left a lot of negative space.”
artists work - johns
“The Triffids song ‘Wide Open Road’ really captures the romantic ideas of freedom tied up in rural Australia, and the endless possibilities we tell ourselves we have.”
artists work - criddle
“The most interesting part for me was forming each unique character, each with their own funny bumpy bodies, facial expressions and strange ways of moving.”

Another dimension has been added to Curtin's award-winning Place Activation program, which to date has seen students staying longer, increasing their interaction with, and participating more in campus life. This program adds crucial value to campus culture, adding vitality to the public realm in many ways that inject new life into the student experience.

This exciting legacy exhibition provides a wonderful opportunity for Curtin to invite our surrounding communities to experience our beautiful and ever-evolving campus. Not only has this project bought more people onto campus, it is also a project that everyone can continue to enjoy and benefit from into the future.