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Curtin University
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Who We Are

The Curtin Master Plan

Universities can define a city's appeal and transform them, showcasing knowledge, creating vibrant local communities and stimulating economic activity.

Curtin is the heart of the largest concentration of innovative industry and research in Western Australia. We've developed a master plan that outlines a vision for 2030 to create an important economic and innovative hub, with diversity in culture and the arts - a district that celebrates the University’s creative knowledge.

The plan is more than a collection of buildings: it's the creation of a better quality of life through urban renewal, clever and sustainable design, high-quality public spaces and social outcomes that will benefit Western Australians. It supports the WA Planning Commission's Directions 2031 strategy to revitalise the region as a specialist activity centre.

Universities and cities

Universities across the world have brought innovation, employment, entrepreneurial vision, recreation and the arts to their communities.

Here are some examples of where communities have developed around educational institutions:

  • Oxford City around Oxford University
  • Boston around Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Barcelona and Montreal around their more contemporary educational approach.

Big changes

How will over 114 hectares of development change the world?

The project will lead to more:

  • dynamic staff and students in a research-intensive university
  • leadership in innovative education globally
  • engagement with industry, government and the broader community.

See how things will change at Curtin