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Curtin University
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Curtin Master Plan

The Vision

The vision for Curtin's Master Plan is underpinned by a broad spectrum of innovation, and delivers on four key network strengths:

Education and innovation networks

To meet the needs of future generations, we will provide contemporary courses and research capabilities that closely align with community and business expectations. We'll become the epicentre of research and innovation in WA, working with business and industry partners to provide benefits and opportunities for entrepreneurship.

Social and cultural networks

With one of the largest humanities faculties in Western Australia, Curtin will be the place where arts and culture meet technology and innovation. We aim to become the creative capital for Perth and an attractive, vibrant destination for the community.

Artists impression of the Curtin dome development

Urbanisation networks

The Master Plan supports an urban economy based on education, business, technology, housing, public transport, the arts and recreation. This new quarter of Perth will become an important visitor destination in its own right. In the spirit of great urban places, we'll serve our community as a living laboratory where technology and research are visible and accessible to everyone.

Business and research networks

Bentley already is the base for many forward-thinking companies and researchers, a critical mass that can be leveraged to form new business and research opportunities. The world's best minds will be brought together to solve real-world problems.

We envisage Curtin to be 'the place' to rub shoulders with some of the most dynamic and exciting business and community groups in Australasia. It will be a place where large and small businesses and entrepreneurs can exchange knowledge, a place where creative relationships are forged between colleagues, and a place where companies, the community and our students can share a unique opportunity for innovation and creativity, with long-term benefits for the people of Western Australia.

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