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Curtin University
Properties, Facilities & Development


What PFD Does At Curtin

Our mission is to 'make Curtin a greater place' by ensuring the quality of Curtin's physical environment supports excellence in teaching, learning and research by:

  • Providing strategic advice on existing and future facilities, land-use planning, capital investment, and sustainable development for the long-term viability of the University.
  • Collaborating with faculty, clients, stakeholders, researchers, businesses, neighbours and the broader community to grow the intellectual capacity of the University for the benefit of all Australians.
  • Operating with the highest levels of customer service, integrity and professional expertise within our portfolios.

To assist in achieving these goals the PFD is organised into the following groups:


Designing the built environment

Led by Dr Rocio Bona - Planning Director

The Planning group is tasked with planning and design of the physical environment to ensure Curtin has the capacity to grow in the most sustainable manner possible. Planning underpins the University's integrated capital, operational and asset management by ensuring a fully coordinated approach to existing and proposed development via the Physical Facilities Plan.

Support is provided by Portfolio Managers in the following functions:

  • Planning
  • Sustainability
  • Building and Services Data


Invigorating the campus

Led by Ms Lisa Spiers - Director Commercial

The Development group focuses on key strategic projects that bring significant benefit to the University and community through property related activities. They maintain detailed registers of current leases and licences relating to property transactions and support the regeneration of the campus by providing input into complex research and development opportunities. The group also operates popular daily Place Activation activities across the campus.

Support is provided by Portfolio Managers in the following functions:

  • Place Activation
  • Commercial Activities

Capital Projects

Building greater projects

Led by Mr Matt Saunders - Capital Projects Director

The Capital Projects group implements the Physical Facilities Plan adopted by the University and delivers all capital works projects including major and minor building and infrastructure works. The group coordinates building and infrastructure activities to deliver a sustainable and integrated built environment that meets the long-term aspirations of the University.

Support is provided by Portfolio Managers in the following functions:

  • Program Delivery and Reporting
  • Public Realm and Infrastructure
  • Capital Projects (Research)
  • Capital Projects (Teaching and Learning)
  • Interiors and Minor Projects

Operations and Maintenance

Ensuring Curtin's facilities work

Led by Mr Graham Arndt - Director Operations and Maintenance

The Operations and Maintenance group maintains all the physical assets of the University as well as providing vital security, transport, grounds beautification and cleaning services. This group also maintains our building technology systems, contractor compliance and integrated management systems for the PF&D team.

Support is provided by Portfolio Managers in the following functions:

  • Maintenance
  • Public Realm
  • Technology and Systems
  • Transport, Parking and Security

Business Support

Providing great customer service

The Business Support group manages our operations and provides a customer focus for Rapid Induct, OHS, QA and the PFD call centre.

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