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Curtin CAD Services

Building and Services Data Team

Providing a Professional CAD management solution to Curtin University key stakeholders and external consultancies.

The Building and Services Data Team develop and maintain a drawing standard for The University which must be utilised when performing drawing related works. For more information regarding Curtin's CAD Standard please contact them via email at:

Need help naming a drawing?

Managing drawings is a difficult task, which is why specific drawing naming conventions are in place so they can be managed and located efficiently. You can use the form below to generate a Curtin CAD drawing name to apply to new drawings.

find a drawing number
Drawing Components

Building Site Standard/Template

Please select a building number

  • In order to accurately output a CAD drawing number you must select a building number from the list below.
  • If the building is a new building, and not listed, confer with the Curtin Project Manager for Correct Building number

Selecting a sequential number for the drawing

  • Sequential number of drawings making up this combination of previous categories. ie. if you have two drawings of the same name, use this to number them sequentially.


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