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Car Parks

Parking Strategy

As Curtin University continues to become a popular and important destination for research, teaching, learning, and collaboration our focus is to provide equitable access for an ever-increasing number of people.

For example did you know that during 2015:

  • Curtin Bus Station received some 920,000 inbound passengers and a further 885,000 outbound passengers
  • CABS buses carried 100,000 passengers to neighbouring suburbs
  • We Parked 1,100,000 cars on our campus
  • We funded Transperth bus routes 101 and 100 to the tune of 900,000 passengers

This adds up to a huge number of people visiting our Perth campus and we require a clear strategy as demand and visitation numbers continue to increase.

Download the Parking Strategy

Parking and Specialised Activity Centres

Curtin University is a major component of the Bentley-Curtin Specialised Activity Centre, which is one of five specialised centres in the State Government's planning strategy. Specialised Activity Centres are places that have strong specialised roles focused on regionally significant economic or institutional activities.

Parking within, and traffic congestion on surrounding streets, are core issues that the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) addresses for each Activity Centre. A cap limiting the number of car bays will be implemented controlling the number of parking bays within an Activity Centre. This means that Curtin's parking supply will be limited to around the number of bays it has now (approximately 6,500 bays).

Making sure we balance the needs of our community means we are required to manage our parking supply and the fees charged to ensure an equitable outcome for as many people as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

The WAPC and Department of Transport encourages all of us to think carefully about how we plan our journey and if possible consider alternative modes of getting to and from Curtin. The most generally acceptable way of getting us to think differently about driving is to set the cost of all day parking to be no less than a two-zone return public transport fare. That way it will, in most instances, be cheaper to come to Curtin by public transport than by private vehicle.

Similarly we recognise that many people already come to Curtin by bus and as such we are planning to accommodate a bigger and better bus facility as part of the Greater Curtin Master Plan. We aim to increase the capacity of the bus services and relocate the interchange north of Curtin Stadium. The new Main Street project is the first phase of implementing these exciting changes.

For those who enjoy the many benefits of cycling, Curtin continues to add to the cycling network and facilities.

The first thing you will notice is the reconfiguration and locations of the coloured Parking Zones and the Rates that apply.

Secondly, students and staff can park in any of the coloured Parking Zones (Blue, Yellow or Green) using CellOPark (PAYG Parking).

The location of the Parking Zone reflects the fee charged and typically the closer you park to the academic core the higher the parking rate.

Staff permits are no longer available. All parking with the exception of reserved is PAYG with CellOPark. Details on how to use CellOPark can be found here

Our aim is to meet the objectives of the WAPC and to set the cost of all day parking to be no less than a two-zone return public transport fare. We will do this over a number of years gradually increasing the rate to accord with the two-zone return fare lessening the financial impact on our students and staff.

Yes reserved bays can be purchased. Please contact Parking & Traffic on +61 8 9266 7116.


Service Centre +61 8 9266 2020
Safety & Security +61 8 9266 4444
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