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Company Registration and Inductions

Before working at Curtin as a contractor, sub-contractor, consultant or supplier; you must register, pre-qualify and be approved with the University. All employees of these companies must also be inducted.

Subcontractors can work under the main contracting company prequalification, unless the work is high risk. High risk work is work defined as such in the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 1996. All requirements outlined in the Regulations shall be adhered to when completing works on the grounds or on behalf of Curtin University. In addition to this, Curtin also classes high risk work as any activity requiring a Curtin high risk activity permit and with a substance classified as “very toxic” by its safety data sheet (SDS). All companies including subcontractors undertaking such activities must be prequalified in their own right.

Company Registration

Complete the following Company Registration Form if you are a new contractor to Curtin.

New Company Registration Form

Once pre-qualified with Curtin, you are valid to work on site for 3 years. An annual verification of your insurances and health/safety requirements applicable to your contracting will take place annually.

Each registered company must have a designated contact person who is responsible for purchasing credits, and giving out passwords to employees who need to be inducted.

If you have more questions about registering your company, speak to your Curtin Responsible Officer or contact for more information.

Worker Induction

All workers, including employees of contractors, sub-contractors and consultants at Curtin must have a valid Induction Card. To complete the online induction, you’ll need to have a password. See your designated contact person within your company who will issue you one. Contact your Curtin Responsible Officer if you don't know who your company contact is.

    All workers must check the following requirements:
  • Read the Contractor Health & Safety Handbook
  • Begin the online induction, using the password from your employee
  • Print a temporary induction card from the online induction system
  • Obtain an official contractor induction card

Contractor Health & Safety Handbook (download pdf)
Click to begin your Induction

Reporting Hazards and Incidents

Contractors are required to report all hazards and incidents that occur whilst conducting works at Curtin University via the Pocket Safety App (PDF).
CHARM Contractor Reporting information and user guides found at Health and Safety – Incident and Hazard Reporting.

Curtin Campus Inductions

If you are a contractor required to complete the Contractor Induction through Rapid Global, you do not need to complete this Curtin Campus induction.

The Curtin Campus induction must be completed by all people who are employed by non-Curtin businesses and their job means that they are located at Curtin University’s Perth campus. (For instance, if you work in student accommodation or one of the retail businesses you must complete this induction before commencing work at Curtin University).

Access the Curtin Campus Induction form - please read, sign the acknowledgement and send to


Service Centre +61 8 9266 2020
Safety & Security +61 8 9266 4444
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