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Curtin University
Curtin Campus Maps

Map Use Tips

  • Phone users? Click the FULL SCREEN VIEW button.
  • Looking for a building? Type “building” and then the number, separated by a space.
  • Looking for a room? Type the building number and room number separated by a dot.
    eg. 210.101
  • You can also search by building names, or a combination of names and numbers.
  • Want to find your nearest toilet? Use the ‘Categories’ button next to the search bar.
  • Want to spin/tilt the map view? PC: Ctrl+Left Mouse click+drag. Mobile: Two finger+Drag
  • Use the share button (next to the search bar) to share a map pin with others.
  • Bike/wheels? Select “Avoid Stairs and Obstacles” option when directions are displayed

To provide feedback or report issues please email