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Bus Interchange

Project overview

The Bus Interchange project is a key deliverable in the Curtin Master Plan program of works. Approximately one million public transport patrons either terminate or pass through the existing Curtin facility annually. This number is expected to grow to four million by 2035. Bus patrons will be able to enjoy the benefits of a truly integrated ‘Transit Orientated Development’ (TOD), including recreational facilities, retail and beautiful public spaces. The new Curtin Bus Interchange will commence operation early in 2019.

Artists Impression of Bus Interchange

Project features

  • Bus Interchange – The Bus Interchange will form the primary public transport hub for the Perth Campus
  • Pine Plaza – Pine Plaza is located to the east of the Bus Interchange and will form the pedestrian gateway to the campus
  • Living Stream - The Living Stream creates a green corridor that provides user amenity and links Pine Plaza and the Bus Interchange to the proposed play space and Curtin Stadium facilities to the south
  • Free Play Space – The Free Play Space will incorporate landscaping and playscape equipment in the area between the Living Stream and existing Curtin Stadium
top down map view of new/future bus interchange buildings

Location of the Bus Interchange at the north of Curtin’s Perth campus
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Project benefits

The Bus Interchange will deliver a revitalised area within Greater Curtin Stage One and offer an improved everyday experience with public transport, in addition to broader lifestyle benefits for students, staff and the community. The project will establish a beautiful, easy-to-use, safe and sustainable urban place that integrates Curtin’s public spaces with transport zones thereby increasing public transport uptake and accessibility of the campus. The Bus Interchange will support the liveability of student accommodation and viability of retail, recreational facilities and future commercial use.