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Curtin University
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activity-based precincts

With green spaces and shady trees, our campus is celebrated for its natural surrounds. We’re always looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment – from creating sustainable buildings and improving
our water and energy efficiency, to planting new habitats for our native fauna,
such as the Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo.


These are the key sustainability issues we’re acting on through
hundreds of programs and activities
to create an environment where people and nature thrive.

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Flexible &
Adaptive Places

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Energy Efficiency
& Renewables

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Climate Change

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Waste &

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Feathered friends

We have planted over 7,000 native trees and shrubs since 2014 to create a haven for the endangered Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo.

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Curtin's top honour in CBD

Curtin was the first Australian university awarded a 6 Star Green Star - Interiors rating for our refurbishment of Old Perth Boys School.

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Tackling urban heat

We’re creating green corridors throughout campus to manage heat island issues.

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Lighting the way

LED upgrades have helped reduce greenhouse gas emissions in buildings such as the Library and Building 501.

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Construction waste

Completed in 2016, the Curtin Medical School achieved the University’s target for 90% recycling of construction waste.