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Curtin University
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Activity, culture
and hidden treasures

Curtin is more than a place to study. It’s a place to be immersed, inspired and to connect.
Our award-winning Place Activation program is turning Curtin into a vibrant
destination where students love to be – between lectures and beyond.

After all, an inspired campus is one that creates better students, better research and a better lifestyle.


We’re transforming Curtin University from a traditional campus to a destination for innovation, creativity and enjoyment – one where learning, teaching and research thrive in a culturally rich, connected community.

We have built our Place Activation Program through an understanding of communities on and around campus – their needs, aspirations and what they desire in a place – as the landscape of Perth continues to evolve.


A vibrant and diverse campus provides opportunities to participate, innovate
and connect both professionally and socially.

Better study breaks

Research shows that taking a break improves focus and productivity. Getting outside in the fresh air and sunshine or taking your mind off study with a creative activity leaves you feeling refreshed and energised.

A place to belong

Creating places where people feel safe and at home motivates people to support each other as a community and fosters a sense of belonging and ownership. People are also less likely to act anti-socially and more likely to speak up if they feel part of a community.

Richer learning

From art and cultural heritage, to gardening and student exhibitions, activities throughout campus fuel creativity and learning during leisure time. Student led events provide dynamic learning environments and work integrated learning opportunities.

Diverse offerings

Food trucks and weekly markets place a great variety of options at people’s fingertips and increased competition within the campus drives up the quality of the offerings.

Supporting businesses

Place Activation events bring the community onto campus, creating a hub for local businesses, artists and performers, not-for-profit charities, cultural and community groups and local government.

Family friendly

We are creating a destination where all members of the family feel welcome and where work-study balance is achievable.


Our Place Activation Team surveyed students and members of the public, asking them about
their experience of the Bentley campus. This is the feedback from those surveyed:


feel the Bentley campus is a safe and vibrant place to be


feel a sense of community on campus


like to regularly spend time on campus



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