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Curtin University
Properties, Facilities & Development

Creating a world-class
sustainable campus


Curtin has a vision to be a recognised global leader in research, education and engagement. In 2013, Properties, Facilities & Development (PF&D) created the Greater Curtin Master Plan to support this vision. It’s our roadmap for transforming the Perth campus into a globally connected innovation village.

The Master Plan supports collaboration, diversity and creativity. It will create a place where academia, government, industry and entrepreneurs come together to strengthen our University, the local community, and the Western Australian economy.

We are already seeing our campus become a vibrant, modern community destination where people of all ages are welcome to study, work, live and relax.

In 2015, the Greater Curtin Master Plan received Australia’s first 5 Star Green Star – Communities rating from the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA), giving us independent validation that our vision will deliver environmental, economic and social sustainability.


Sustainable development is creating a place that prospers – where people thrive and the environment is protected.

As an educational institution, Curtin must show its commitment to sustainability in its learning, teaching and research. PF&D make sure the physical environment and our campus community supports this commitment. Through our planning and management – of
buildings and facilities; programs and activities – we’re helping provide a vibrant, beneficial and prosperous
environment for study, work and leisure, for today and tomorrow.

We are helping build the University of the future.


In 2015 we engaged with a range of stakeholders from the University and local community
to find out what sustainability issues are most important to Curtin.

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Economic Development

Improving Curtin’s economic prosperity, creating jobs and strengthening our local economy.

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Transport & Accessibility

Improving public transport options, facilities and awareness to improve daily commutes.

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Bringing technology into buildings, spaces and experiences to create a richer connection with the campus.

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Flexible & Adaptable Places

Creating buildings and spaces that can be repurposed to meet evolving learning and teaching needs.

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Community Engagement

Ensuring our community remains informed and engaged in decision-making, activities and milestones.

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Sustainable, Healthy Lifestyles

Balancing the built and natural environment to enhance people’s health and wellbeing.

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Energy Efficiency & Renewables

Building energy efficiency into new buildings and helping to set an example for the wider community.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Celebrating our diverse community and supporting all people who study, work and live here.

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Cost of Living

Keeping our campus affordable for all by supporting cost effective transport, retail and recreation.

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Community Investment

Creating the facilities and programs that transform our University into a community destination.

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Creating a campus that enhances biodiversity and native habitats, and allows interaction with nature.

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Climate Change Resilience

Collaborating with leading global organisations on key sustainability issues.

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Water Conservation

Protecting and enhancing our water resources through landscaping and water-sensitive urban design.

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Supply Chain Ethics

Selecting suppliers who treat their employees fairly and who minimise their environmental impact.

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Waste & Recycling

Maximising recycling of operational, construction and demolition waste to reduce landfill.

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Using sustainable materials while also considering embodied energy and whole-of-life costs.

Each material issues fits within one of the four pillars that form the basis of our sustainability framework.