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Campus Car Share

Curtin University has two share cars (Hyundai i30) located on the Perth campus supplied by Flexicar.

The Flexicar service is easy to use once you’ve created an account online. Once you book the car via the website or app you then collect the vehicle from the designated park bay. The vehicle must be returned to the designated bays in the car park (PI1/PE2).

Curtin staff can use Flexicar for business or personal travel.

To register with
the Curtin University business account (for free):

  1. Email your request to
  2. The team will send you an email invitation with a link to register
  3. Click the link and follow the prompts to sign up
  4. If you’d like to use Flexicar for personal use, add a personal credit card number and choose this card as required
  5. Start reserving Flexicars online or via the app


For any questions about this service please email


Service Centre +61 8 9266 2020
Safety & Security +61 8 9266 4444
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