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We want to make Curtin a greater place to access via bike, so that you can enjoy the economic, health and logistical benefits of cycling to, and around, the campus. There's a fantastic network of shared paths in and around the university to make it safe for you to cycle and a wide selection of places to park your bike while you're on campus.

Curtin Bike Users Map

Locations of racks, parks and pods can be found on the
Curtin Bike Users Map (PDF).

Suggested Cycle Routes

Here are some suggested route maps (pdfs) to cycle to campus from South Perth foreshore, Canning Bridge/Freeway PSP, and Oats St Station.

For extra help to plan your cycle journey to Curtin, visit the
WA Department of Transport website.

eBike Loans

Curtin University now offers eBikes to staff to trial for 2 week loan periods. An electric bike is a pedal assisted bike that makes cycling more comfortable by allowing the rider to reduce the effort required to push the bicycle forward.

There are different styles available and you may choose a folding, compact, trike or standard bike. If you do not choose you will be offered a standard bike.

Simply email to add your name to the wait list for this opportunity.

Where to park your bike

There are a range of facilities at Curtin to make it easier to park your bike:

  1. Over 500 bike racks at more than 40 locations, campus-wide
  2. Secure bike parks located at the following buildings: B108, B500 (showers/lockers), B410 (showers/lockers), B302, B107 (showers/lockers)
  3. Bike pods include electric bike charging points, lockers and shower facilities: B160, B315, B409, B214, B217
  4. Bike pods and parks require swipe card access. Contact security (+61 8 9266 4444) for more information

Bike Part Vending Machines

There are 2 vending machines on campus that provide emergency items for you and your bike. Items such as spare tubes, bike lights, and locks are available in both machines.

One is located near Curtin Connect and the Cycle Hub - this machine also has emergency end-of-trip items such as soap.
The second machine is located next to the green sea container outside of B408 and Anghazi Café.

There are also bike pumps and repair stands nearby to do any maintenance that is needed on your bike.

Cycling parts vending machine near Anghazi Cafe

Cycling parts vending machine near Curtin Connect & Cycle Hub

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Service Centre +61 8 9266 2020
Safety & Security +61 8 9266 4444
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