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Delivery and Service Vehicle Access

The academic core at Curtin University's Perth Campus is classified as a pedestrian zone. The use of vehicles is restricted within this area to promote a safer environment for all pedestrians and cyclists.

All vehicle access to the academic core will be restricted between the hours of 9:00 am and 3:30 pm. Outside of these hours access will be via an approved Access Permit (see below).

Vehicle access to the academic core will be as follows:

DAYTIME HOURS: 9am – 3:30pm.
Exceptions made for:

  • Emergency vehicles
  • Authorised small electric vehicles
    (maintenance, security and Curtin IT services)

AFTER HOURS: 3:30pm – 9am.
Only available for:

  • Approved permit holders
  • Emergency vehicles
  • Authorised small electric vehicles
    (maintenance, security and Curtin IT services)

General Information

We treat our pedestrians with the utmost respect and priority, and as such, all vehicles intending to access the pedestrian zone (academic core) must observe the following:

  1. All access to the academic core will require an approved Site and/or Vehicle Access Permit.
    Please note that any contractor's employees are required to be inducted in order to obtain an access permit.
  2. There is no change to procedures for emergency service vehicles.
  3. The speed limit is walking speed (5km/hr). All vehicles must give way to pedestrians and only use designated routes.

Short term 30 minute bays are available around the perimeter of the pedestrian zone and deliveries made between 9:00am and 3:30pm must be wheeled to their final destination.

To view the pedestrian zone area and vehicle access points, download the Vehicle-Free Zone pdf below.

Download the Vehicle-Free Zone map

For any further information please email

Vehicle Access Permit

You can apply for an Access Permit (Site and/or Vehicle) on our Permits to Work page. You must already have a contact person at Curtin University before you can apply.


Service Centre +61 8 9266 2020
Safety & Security +61 8 9266 4444
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