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Car Parks

Parking Fines

When driving and parking on campus, you are expected to abide by the land and traffic by-laws. Please be aware that failure to do so will result in a fine.

To avoid fines, there are a few things to ensure:

  1. A valid CelloPark or parking meter session is enabled
  2. You park in a parking bay that is in the right zone for your payment method
  3. You understand the parking regulations by downloading the University Land and Traffic by-laws here.

Payments and Appeals

All infringements are due within 21 days from date of issue.

Pay your fine

Paying your infringements is easy and there are three convenient options to choose from.

You can make an online payment with a VISA or MasterCard via our secure payment partner,

What you need - Your infringement or car registration number.

Pay Online

By clicking the 'Pay Online' button you will be redirected to our secure payment partner

Our Parking team are be able to accept cash payments in Person at the Curtin Parking & Traffic Office located in Building 115.

What you need - Your infringement or car registration number.

To pay your infringement by mail please send a cheque or money order, made out to Curtin University, to the address below.

Address to:
Curtin University
Parking and Traffic
GPO Box U1987
Perth 6845

What you need - To ensure there are no delays processing your payment please include your infringement number.

Appeal your fine

If you received an infringement that you believe is incorrect or unjust, you can appeal the fine using the 'Appeal online' button below. All appeals are lodged via our secure payment partner,
Appeals must be lodged within 7 days of the infringement issue date.

  • All appeals are reviewed by the Curtin Parking & Traffic Office
  • You will be notified of the result of your appeal in writing by mail within 14 days
  • All unsuccessful appeals must must be paid by the due date notification on the appeal letter which could be shorter than the original due date on the ticket
  • Appeals will not be accepted after 7 days of issue date
  • Failure to pay a fine will result in referral to a debt collection agency and possible suspension of your driver's licence. Any court or debt collection fees will be included in the final fee.

Appeal Online

By clicking 'Appeal Online' you will be directed to Here you will have the opportunity to review the infringement details prior to submitting an appeal.

Need Help?

If you need any help please contact the Curtin Parking team.

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