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Car Parks

Parking Zones and Rates

Parking bays at the Curtin Perth Campus are zoned and colour coded. There are 4 different zones. Rates and access vary.

Download the Parking Zones Map

  • Must be restarted each month
  • Charged for full billing cycle regardless of when you start
  • Billing cycle commences 25th of the month and ends on the 24th of the next month
  • No refunds will be given
  • Operates in the same way as an all day parking session - once you start you can’t stop it for that billing cycle
  • Only one vehicle can be selected for a monthly permit. If you bring another vehicle to campus you must start a daily session for that vehicle
  • A permit does not guarantee a bay is available
  • Motorcycle parking is free and bays can be found in the following parking zones: PB2, PE4, PF1, PF6, PG8, PG11, PI2, PI4, PM2
  • These bays are for holders of ACROD permits only
  • These are available to staff and students with short-term disabilities. Eligible staff with current parking permits receive a courtesy bay permit at no extra cost. For those students and staff without a current parking permit, a fee of $6.30 will be incurred each day

    Download Courtesy Bay Application Form (PDF)

  • Orange short-term bays are free for one hour. A CellOPark session must be started at the time of arrival to the bay and must be stopped within the hour to receive that time for free. Failing to stop the session within the hour will incur a $6 per hour fee which will commence from the time the session was started, voiding the free time.
  • The free hour will only be available once per day.

There is an EV charging station available on campus in car park PM1 (white), zone #1000201. There are also two yellow charging bays within PM1 available for all to use with zone #1000201.

Charges for this zone are as follows:

  • Mon-Fri 08:00-16:30 - $2.55 per hour
  • Mon-Fri 16:30-08:00 - $1.00 per hour
  • Sat-Sun 24 hours - $1.00 per hour

A 2 hour limit applies at all times.

Parking Zones and Rates for 2021

Zone Colour Users Description Cost Number of Bays Payment Method
Staff, Students and Visitors Low cost parking in more remote locations $0.78 per hour ($4.20 max per transaction) 2261 bays CellOPark
Staff, Students and Visitors General parking - reasonably priced and further from main buildings $1.55 per hour ($6.30 max per transaction) 2744 bays CellOPark
Staff Staff Parking - Provides exclusive areas for staff in more peripheral locations $1.55 per hour ($6.30 max per transaction) 668 bays CellOPark
Staff, Students and Visitors For anyone who requires short term parking close to buildings $3.50 per hour 360 bays Meters can be found in blue zones as a payment alternative to CellOPark
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Staff and Corporate Parking Permits for 2021

Parking Zone Cost Note
Staff Monthly Permits $136.00 per billing cycle
Allows parking in white, yellow or green zones.
** See conditions of STAFF MONTHLY PERMITS at top of this page
Staff Reserved $2,175 per annum
Undercover Staff Reserved $2,950 per annum
External Corporate Reserved $3,935 per annum A limited number of External Corporate Reserved bays are available to external/commercial/3rd party organisations located at Curtin. They are not available to any Curtin employee or Curtin Faculty
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