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CellOPark (PAYG Parking)

In a bid to make parking on campus fairer and easier for all, we’ve introduced an electronic pay-as-you-go parking system called CellOPark. It means you’ll only pay for the time that you park on campus. Your details will be kept secure and you can even email your parking reports for your records.

CellOPark Website -

Register with CellOPark

To use CelloPark, you need to register. Once you're registered, you can start parking straight away.

Register using Website

Register on CellOPark Website

Register using Phone

Call CellOPark on 6145 3333

It's free to register or use, but you’ll need to select a payment method to pay for your parking. This can be either direct debit via your credit/debit card or by using a pre-paid card, which you can get from either Curtin Stadium (Building 111) or the Parking Office (Building 115).

How do I use it

After registering with CellOPark, you can park, check to see when your parking session expires, and then let CellOPark know when you're leaving. There are three easy ways to do this when you park at Curtin’s Perth campus:

  1. Via the app: Open the CellOPark app, select your location, car park zone number, your vehicle registration number and then hit GO. Hit STOP when you leave.
  2. From your mobile phone: Call the CellOPark number on
    6145 3333 and follow the prompts to start your session. Call again to end your parking time.
  3. Via the website: Log in to your account via the CellOPark website, follow the prompts to start your session. Log in again online to end your parking time.
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