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Building and Services Data Support

Building and Services Data Team

The Building and Services Data Team develop and maintain documentation standards for the University which must be adhered to for all Curtin University projects. The documentation, data and drawing requirements of Curtin Universities Properties, Facilities and Development group can be found at

Need help numbering a drawing?

Managing drawings is a difficult task, which is why specific drawing naming conventions are in place so they can be managed and located efficiently. You can use the form below to generate a Curtin CAD drawing name to apply to new drawings.

find a drawing number
Drawing Components

Building Site Standard/Template

Please select a building number

  • In order to accurately output a CAD drawing number you must select a building number from the list below.
  • If the building is a new building, and not listed, confer with the Curtin Project Manager for Correct Building number

Selecting a sequential number for the drawing

  • Sequential number of drawings making up this combination of previous categories. ie. if you have two drawings of the same name, use this to number them sequentially.


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