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Main Street Project Nears Completion

Dec 16, 2016

After a significant period of construction, the Main Street Project will be complete in January 2017.

The project will deliver three new roads, which are extremely important for the development of our Bentley campus:

  • An east/west entry linking Hayman Road and Kent Street (Road 1)
  • A vibrant north/south people centric street with slow speed areas and landscaped plaza (Road 2)
  • Slow speed lane that forms a key social space between Wesfarmers Court and the new Curtin Medical School (Road 3)

Before its official opening, we wanted to take the opportunity to share a preview of the spaces with you.

Above: Road 1, our new key road, connecting Hayman Road and Kent Street

Above: The intersection of Road 1 and 2, looking east towards the new Curtin Medical School (Building 410)

Above: Road 2 shared space, slow speed plaza with hammocks, outdoor furniture, abundant greenery and catenary lighting.

Above: Road 3, this beautiful area is already being taken advantage of, hosting events and celebrations.

Above: Road 3 was the first 5km/h shared space to open on campus. Award winning artist, Trevor Richards is in the process of completing large road pieces, which will help to signify a change in traffic conditions across campus.

Undertaking such an extensive construction project within a bustling campus has presented challenges, inconveniences and constant change. We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to all of the Curtin community for your patience and cooperation over the last year.