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Curtin Place Activation features on international blog

Mar 28, 2017

henerson court grassed area in full lunchtime swing, students sitting under various coloured umbrellas

Through Place Activation, we ensure our campus is an inclusive, engaging and enjoyable destination, where students and staff are at home and the wider community feels welcome.

We’re so proud of the vibrancy that our place activation program brings, which is why it is such an honour that Curtin’s Perth Campus recently featured on New York blog, Project for Public Spaces, one of the biggest placemaking websites in the world!

Interior Architecture students took to the grounds of Alcoa Court and carefully sculpted 3D abstractions of famous buildings made only of sand as part of annual success Sanditecture.

four sanditecture students posing next to their sand building pyramid. On grassed area at Alcoa Court

We were lucky to have talented sculptor Tim Darby in amongst the action as he explored the evolution of architecture. Tim sculpted many tiny cottages in the shadow of a two-metre tall mansion, which symbolised the evolution from when houses used to be modest and home to many people, to now, where we often see mansions lived in by few.

Youth support organisation, Red Frogs visited campus to give out ever-popular freebies, and children from Lance Holt Primary School even joined in the fun on the final day of the event.

Indie Food Markets
Curtin’s Indie Food Markets have returned to 2017 as a huge hit. Even with challenging weather conditions, our first round reeled in 800+ people who enjoyed various cuisines from over 13 different vendors in a comfortable bohemian styled market setting. Curtin Health Bar also put on a Tea Workshop for students to learn about the benefits of tea.

henderson court area with numerous food tents lined up, students mingling throughout

Holi Festival
‘The Festival of Colour’ was celebrated on March 13 with music, free traditional Indian food, dancers, and of course, a whole lot of colour throwing! Holi Festival received great feedback and was enjoyed by many.

three holi festival participants covered in coloured dyes

As we continue through 2017, you can only expect more fun and excitement around our vibrant campus! To keep up to date with current activations and events, go to or like us on Facebook @