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Shared spaces for people friendly streets

Apr 10, 2017

external image of building 410, shows a shared space banner flag hanging from a cctv pole, sunlight filtering through

Three new shared spaces have now opened on our Perth campus. These areas are designed to be thriving and active community areas that are easy to move within, therefore pedestrians and cyclists are given priority.

Curtin shared spaces are marked with signage. Within these areas, priority is given to pedestrians followed by cyclists and then vehicles and the speed limit lowers from Curtin’s standard 40km/hr to walking pace – 5km/hr. This low speed ensures that everyone has the time and awareness to give way and courteously navigate the space.

The shared spaces are designed for people to enjoy, so you will see an increasing amount of new furniture and playful features such as Bluetooth enabled music mushrooms, poetry, art and creative lighting.

Our 5km/hr shared spaces can be found in key campus locations near Building 410, Building 304 and the new north-south road towards the north end of campus.

Please take extra care to travel safely and look out for each other in these areas.

another external image taken near b410 main entrance, shows a different shared space banner flag hanging from another cctv pole

B410 Shared Space – linking the new Curtin Medical School and Wesfarmers Court.
Here you’ll find features such as striking street art by Trevor Richards, Bluetooth enabled music mushrooms and a bubble machine!

shared space area outside b304, blue skys and students walking around

Building 304 Shared Space – linking the Curtin Bus Station and the Academic Neighbourhood.
Watch this space! Street art and furniture is on its way.

shared space pedestrian crossing on the northern side of the multi level carpark. Shows road and trees

Northern Entry Shared Space – in the future this will be a busy pedestrian area linking the new Bus Interchange with the Academic Neighbourhood.