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Actibumps at Curtin

Nov 24th, 2017

blue car about to drive over lowered actibump in road

We're installing dynamic speed bumps on Curtin’s Perth Campus

Curtin’s Perth campus will be the first location within Australia to use Actibumps, dynamic speed bumps developed by Swedish innovators, Edeva.

Actibumps have successfully improved traffic conditions throughout Sweden and we now see an opportunity to embrace our role as a living laboratory and test this new technology on the east-west main road within the Greater Curtin Stage One development area.

Actibumps are speed ‘bumps’ that are activated only when a vehicle is exceeding the posted speed limit, which on this road is 40km/hr. Signage will alert drivers that they are approaching a dynamic speed bump. Speeding vehicles are detected by a radar and activate a hatch integrated into the road that lowers a few centimetres creating an inverted speed bump. The impact on speeding vehicles will be similar to that of a standard speed bump. If vehicles are not speeding, the road remains flat – a consistently smooth ride for safe drivers.

artistic impression drawing of how control system works on road

We are always seeking to improve road safety - data is being consistently captured and we will be able to monitor the impacts of utilising this new technology.

campus map showing in red the two areas on new east-west road where it will be installed

Similar to Kip, our autonomous bus, Actibumps present another opportunity to showcase innovation at Curtin. We ask that you please be patient while we commission this new technology and should you have any questions, please contact Graham Arndt, Director Operations & Maintenance, Properties, Facilities & Development (ext. 4899).