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Introducing Think Space

Oct 03, 2018

artistic impression of new think space layout, archways and circles prominant

Artist Impression - The Enterprise
Inset: The Enterprise – Construction in progress

Think Space, located in Building 103 opposite Curtin Connect, has been designed specifically to support creativity, collaboration and idea generation.

The facility fosters an environment ideal for transformative thinking and innovation, which we see as the factors that underpin great outcomes, particularly when working with industry partners.

The new space will showcase bold design and offer a variety of rooms, including ‘The Enterprise’ for small group work, ‘The Engine Room’ for large group work and ‘The Control Room’ for informal meetings. These zones are organised in a manner that encourages broad idea generation and allows users to transition within the space to then focus and develop ideas. The flexibility and design of the facility will allow staff to ‘make it their own,’ with movable chairs, whiteboards and privacy curtains to safeguard confidential conversations.

Construction has commenced and is expected to be complete October 2018.