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Policies That Apply To You

We want to make sure that you are always working in a safe environment at Curtin. We believe that all injuries are preventable and want to keep our occupational health and safety standards high so that you are protected and your job is made easier. We have a number of documents that apply to those working at Curtin as contractors and consultants.

Occupational Health and Safety

Before working at Curtin as a contractor or consultant, it is vital that safety requirements are met. The following handbook outlines the list of requirements needed for meeting Occupational Health and Safety, and is required to be read by each person working at Curtin prior to their induction.

Download Contractor Safety Handbook

Confined Spaces

There are a number of confined spaces on campus and in the student housing that require a permit. View the register to see if you'll need to apply for one.

Download Confined Space Register

Asbestos Management

For information regarding Curtin’s Asbestos Management program, please check on the Health and Safety website for more information.


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