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2016 Urban Forest Planting

July 4, 2016

black cockatoo sitting on a white branch, blurred out of focus greenery in background, cockatoo's head is turned to be looking at photographer

As part of the Black Cockatoo Action Plan, planting of high priority feeding trees will commence at Technology Park (verge of Building 610), July 5.

The area is currently home to a mix of Pinus Pinaster and native tree species. To improve the food source for Black Cockatoos, our Parks and Gardens team, with the assistance of contractors, will be planting nearly 600 plants including a mixture of mature trees and tube stock.

Species include Eucalyptus Gomphocephala, Corymbia Calophylla, Corymbia Ficifolia (mature trees) and Banksia Attenuata, Banksia Menzies, Agonsi Flexuosa, Eucalyptus Marginate, Eucalyptus Toditana, Corymbia Calophylla (tube stock).