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Walk, ride or drive? What matters to you when getting to, from and around campus?

Aug 16, 2016

artistic impression of a shared street surrounded in buildings, people walking, riding bikes and in cars

The Curtin Mobility and Movement Survey is open until September 1 2016.

The development of Curtin’s Integrated Transport and Movement Plan, titled Mobility at Curtin, has now formally commenced.

Curtin has a number of independent, ongoing and planned projects that address the University’s spectrum of mobility and movement needs and issues, now and in the future. Mobility at Curtin will provide direction and guidance for the planning, development, prioritisation, implementation, maintenance, operations and reporting of mobility and movement initiatives.

The Curtin Mobility & Movement Survey (now closed) gives students, staff and campus visitors the opportunity to share their ideas, values and priorities in relation to how we move to, from and across campus.

The survey will be open until September 1, and information captured will provide critical input into Curtin’s long-term transport and movement strategy.