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Kip the Autonomous Bus - Technician Training

Aug 12th, 2017

Six students from Curtin University have secured a role as an Autonomous Vehicle Technician for the University’s first autonomous bus, Kip.

In order to become qualified technicians, students had to show they were capable of safely driving Kip in times she wasn’t able to drive herself, as well as being acutely aware of situations she couldn’t handle. Students completed a minimum of four shifts and underwent a series of theoretical and practical assessment as part of an intensive two-week training program. Training procedures included monitoring and managing risks affecting passenger safety and comfort; fixing issues affecting the vehicle’s operation; providing advice on the purpose and objectives of the vehicle, and liaising with researchers.

The vehicle is operated entirely by two touch screen computers, a keyboard and a control stick.

Students were recruited via the University’s Earn While You Learn program and will now continue their role into the future as qualified technicians.

Technicians can pick up students and staff with a Curtin ID card between 10.00am and 2.00pm from Monday to Thursdays around her designated circuit from Building 304 to Building 410.

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