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Living Campus is now live

Mar 20, 2018

Living campus website landing page screenshot

An innovative online platform that displays real-time energy usage of buildings on the Perth Campus.

Curtin is continually pursuing sustainable building practices and energy optimisation initiatives to reduce and shift power consumption. Since 2014, these initiatives have had a considerable impact on energy use – demand has been reduced by approximately 20% despite site growth of approximately 3,500 square metres each year.

Curtin’s new online platform, Living Campus, now provides the opportunity to centralise and visualise energy usage data. The platform connects more than a thousand meters around the Perth Campus to display real-time energy usage, and provide educational resources to students, staff and the community.

Explore Living Campus

The data from Living Campus will help us to monitor, understand and manage energy usage in a more sophisticated manner, allowing Curtin to illustrate the benefits of energy saving initiatives and improve strategic planning.

Living Campus currently focuses on energy management and will soon incorporate water usage.