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Sustainability at Curtin

Sep 04, 2018

Sustainable development is creating a place that prospers – where people thrive and the environment is protected.

In 2015, we spoke to a range of stakeholders from the University and local community to find out what sustainability issues are most important to Curtin in order to build a framework that guides activity to ensure a sustainable future.

Following several years of strategy development and gathering projects and stories from across the University, we have now launched ‘Sustainability at Curtin’ – a platform for exploring what sustainability means to Curtin University and celebrating our progress whilst striving always, to do better.

As an educational institution, Curtin must show its commitment to sustainability in its learning, teaching and research. Properties, Facilities & Development’s (PF&D) role is to ensure that the physical environment and our campus community supports this commitment.

Our people and governance are at the centre of everything we do, and form the central pillar of PF&D’s Sustainability Framework, supporting and enabling our work to build an enabled economy and connected community while protecting our physical environment.

Visit Sustainability at Curtin to learn more about the four pillars that form our Sustainability Framework and keys areas of impact including transport, place activation and local economy. To find out more or if you would like to see something added to Sustainability at Curtin, please get in touch via