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Disability and Accessibility

Agents, contractors, funded and sponsored agencies, including non-government and not-for-profit organisations, that undertake work on behalf of Curtin’s community (internal and external) are required to report annually on any actions that help achieve the outcomes in Curtin’s Disability Access and Inclusion Plan. Contracted employees are not considered ‘contractors’ for this purpose.

Requirements and Deadlines

Curtin agents and contractors

If you are a Curtin agent or contractor please read the below Progress Report.
This report is required by 31 May each year.

Contract managers

If you are responsible for managing contracts that relate to Curtin’s buildings and facilities, information technology or events, you are required to:

  • Refer contractors to the above Agent and Contractor Progress Report form and ensure they complete and deliver it by 31 May.
  • Complete the highlighted sections of the below DAIP Reporting form and fax or email to Manager DAIP Implementation by June 15 each year.

Frequently asked questions – contract managers

What are my responsibilities as contract manager? +

Which contracts are relevant to the requirements? +

What is the special condition clause? +

Is there sample text to send to agents and contractors? +

Contact Us

Please contact your Curtin Contract Manager,
or the Senior Advisor (Disability) in Diversity and Equity at:

You can also read more information here - Curtin’s Disability Access and Inclusion Plan.