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Rate My Space

Sept 5, 2016

corner interior refurbished meeting room, orange patterns stuck to glass walls to break up the transparency

Rate My Space will see Curtin lead one of the world’s largest building wellness assessment projects.

The environments that we work in can have a significant impact on our health. For example, research shows that views of greenery from your office can reduce anxiety, and sufficient access to daylight leads to better sleep.

Rate My Space is a new initiative that will see Curtin lead one of the world’s largest building wellness assessment projects across the Bentley and Technology Park campus. Winning a 2015 Curtin Innovation Award, the Rate My Space trial is being led by Properties, Facilities & Development to investigate the wellbeing and comfort of staff in Curtin office buildings.

The Rate My Space survey gives staff the opportunity to rate their space against wellness criteria such as temperature, acoustics, collaboration and layout. It also addresses personal health and wellbeing, such as sleep quality, and as a result, offers tips to help individuals create a healthy work environment and improve their own personal ‘thrive’ score.

rate my space interior corporate image of workstations in a serile open office plan

Data collected from over 4000 staff will help to inform future planning and development opportunities across our campuses, and in turn, improve the health of our working environments.

Rate My Space is based on Curtin research through the Sustainable Built Environment National Research Centre investigating how to create green and healthy buildings. The project is being led by Dr Samantha Hall, a Research Fellow specialising in healthy, green workplaces and Dr Vanessa Rauland, a CUSP researcher and lecturer.

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