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Building 501

Project overview

Originally constructed in 1975, Building 501 now houses Curtin’s School of Education. In 2014 the building underwent a $20million refurbishment.

Building 501 exemplifies Curtin’s commitment to breathing new life into existing buildings as a way to enhance and bring life to the campus’ Academic Precinct.

evening external image of b510 and surrounding grassed area

Project features

Level one features a refurbished ‘Abacus’ computer lab open 24/7. Along with a dedicated help desk, this floor houses a mix of learning spaces including collaborative, group study and informal areas. Scattered throughout the adjacent gardens are learning areas on decks, providing a unique learning atmosphere.

Level two features yet more learning spaces many of which have been tailored to the specific requirements of the School of Education.

Finally levels three and four are the administrative and academic heart of the School of Education, with reception and student meeting areas on level three.

The entire building is covered by high-speed wifi and learning spaces feature rich AV systems to provide an engaging and immersive student experience.

internal image of b510 informal meeting and study areas

Project benefits

Building 501 strengthens Curtin’s teaching and learning capacity while recognising the Humanities role as the centre of cultural activity on campus.

It is a perfect example of what can be achieved when the existing built environment of the campus is rethought and reimagined for a new era of teaching, learning and research.

internal image of b510 lunch room