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PUBLIC Campus 2016 @ Curtin

Borondo’s style is influenced by his exposure to the Christ and the Holy Mary sculptures which his father restored as a career in Segovia during the artist’s youth. He studied fine art at academies in Madrid and under the tutelage of Jose Garcia Herranz before joining street art festivals across Europe. Borondo’s giant expressionist murals invite the viewer to appreciate his work from every angle and height, with multi-storey artworks often emphasizing meaning behind the art.

For his Curtin University mural, Borondo was influenced by his environment and by the space, making his artworks both the result of a contextual inspiration and from his experience working there.

Artwork Location: Building 208 (#7B)

Photographer Bewley Shaylor
Courtesy of FORM

Through my artworks and their different levels I try to make people think about the hidden message behind the poetic image. I look for reflection and harmony and not for reaction.