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PUBLIC Campus 2016 @ Curtin

Karim Jabbari is an abstract calligraphy and lightgraff artist whose work is inspired by old Arabic scriptures. His lettering work uses different patterns, shapes, and colours featuring compositions of classic Kufi and Maghrebi calligraphy.

During the course of his research for this work, Karim discovered the poem ‘Landscapes’ by Randolph Stow. He translated the first verse, “A crow cries and the world unrolls like a blanket” and wrote it the centre of the wall in rose gold, a colour inspired by golden coins – “true money when compared to fake paper money, a metaphor for the truth or a call to see the core and ignore the covers.” The gloss black on matt black of his wall was inspired by the crows rife on Curtin University Campus.

You Are The World

Photographer Bewley Shaylor
Courtesy of FORM

You Are The World - It’s an image of me standing on a bus wreck. I had to leave my hometown and move to Canada because no one believed I can succeed in art. I came back after 13 years and took that picture. It’s very symbolic because I had so many things in mind when I was standing on the bus and this is what I wrote on the wall at Curtin

Karim Jabbari