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PUBLIC Campus 2016 @ Curtin

Jessee Lee Johns is a visual artist working in Perth, Western Australia. His mural was painted with spray and house paint, using an orthographic projection of his previous large scale murals, but zoomed in.

Titled 'Wide Open Road' it depicts a rural service station that allows us to move freely around the country, to go on road trips and access the sense of freedom which Jessee describes as symbolic of what it means to be Australian - surrounded by space and unlimited opportunity on the country roads of WA. At the same time, Jessee’s mural hints that there are limits to that freedom by representing a connection to the systems that define those limits.

Artwork Location: Building 208 (#11)
Wide Open Road

Photographer David Dewsbury
Courtesy of FORM

Someone once told me David McComb (singer/songwriter for The Triffids) went to Curtin University. Their song ‘Wide Open Road’ really captures the romantic ideas of freedom tied up in rural Australia, and the endless possibilities we tell ourselves we have.
I went past this particular road house a few days before I did the proposal and it tied in nicely with that song, like most humans I tend to overemphasise the importance of coincidence.

Jessee Lee Johns