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PUBLIC Campus 2016 @ Curtin

Millo paints large-scale black and white murals often featuring small splashes of bright colour and gigantic whimsical characterisations in detailed, encompassing cityscapes. He began his artistic career as a student of architecture and has painted in street art festivals throughout Europe. In 2011 he won the prestigious Premio Celeste award and in 2014 the B.Art competition which enabled him to paint 13 multi-storey murals in the city of Turin.

This mural of a little girl in colour sitting above a monochrome cityscape, carries a theme that is quite consistent throughout Millo’s work: of Mancanza - lack of, or a sense of missing something. This mural was inspired in ways by the angels in the Wim Wenders evocative fantasy film Wings of Desire; about invisible angels who watch over the city of Berlin, listening to the thoughts of the human inhabitants and comforting those that are in distress.

Artwork Location: Building 105 (#5)
From Her To Eternity

Photographer Bewley Shaylor
Courtesy of FORM

With my murals I feel like I have to leave something behind for the people, a positive message for the people that live in the city.