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PUBLIC Campus 2016 @ Curtin

Stormie Mills creative journey began back in 1984 in the forgotten corners of our cities, the abandoned buildings and broken back lanes provided a canvas. Over time his iconic characters found their way into the galleries and homes of collectors around Australia and the world.

His palette is sharply monochromatic. Black represents dirt, white speaks of erasure, grey is drawn from the cityscape and silver the language of dreams.

The works draw on a deep sense of isolation and yet each character seems to carry a message of hope. These opposing elements imbue his characters with a palpable presence and humanity. And when art captures the tenderness of the human condition, people connect with it.

Artwork Location: Building 204 (#9)
The Truth Stops Every Conversation

Photographer Christophe Canato
Courtesy of FORM

I was initially inspired to create a work that connected to the imagery of astronauts and space I had seen recently. It became quite a logical fit when I went to view the wall at Curtin University and realised that it was located on the Science and Engineering building.
Creatively the idea of space and technology resonated with the theme of loneliness, which is a theme I am constantly exploring through my work.

Stormie Mills