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PUBLIC Campus 2016 @ Curtin

For street artist Kyle Hughes–Odgers, art is about the joy and the challenge of painting big. He started out putting posters and hand-drawn stickers up around Perth in 2003 and 2004 and progressed over time to murals, public art and children’s books. His figure is an adventurer looking outward, excitedly, toward new adventures and post university life in a piece evoking hope and positivity.

Kyle usually draws directly onto a photograph of the wall to get the composition precisely correct and then plans the colours he wants to use, allowing the distribution of colour to happen organically. He aspires for subtle, vintage hand printed style “that looks like it’s been there for 20 years” in a departure from the common street art trend of very bright murals

Artwork Location: Building 405 (#2)
A Map To The Horizon

Photographer Christophe Canato
Courtesy of FORM

My mural at Curtin University is based on the idea of new horizons and moving forward into the future.

Kyle Hughes-Odgers