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PUBLIC Campus 2016 @ Curtin

Rustam Qbic creates large-scale surrealist murals characterized by lush colours and imaginative storybook figures. He forms visual narratives with recurring characters and structures that symbolise important elements of his life; from geese, fish and elephants to forests, houses and windows.

The Kazan-based artist works in illustration, drawing and graphic design, and on street art projects which have seen him braving 11 days in the Russian winter snow to paint a nine-storey mural in Nizhny Novgorod for the New City festival.

Rustam migrated to street art through the hip hop, graffiti subculture of his youth. An art school student, he started by simply tagging his name but soon found himself creating increasingly complex illustrations and joining the street art festival circuit.

Artwork Location: Building 105 (#4)
Sailor Story
This mural depicts an old man buoyed on a book, rowing with quills for oars. His body is a bottle and he floats on an ocean of stories emanating from the book. The old man’s surroundings are bare and sparse but it doesn’t bother him because his internal world is rich with fantasy, nourished by his book.

Rustam Qbic