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PUBLIC Campus 2016 @ Curtin

British born artist Hayley has established herself as one of the newest creatives in the Western Australian art scene, having made the move to Australia in 2009. Quoted by Jetstar Magazine as one of the ‘Top Ten Street Artists You Should Know By Now’ and having exhibited internationally in London and New York, she is known for her surreal, wide-eyed characters and whimsical street art, reminding us all to ‘Listen To Your Little Voice’.

Whether painting on a found object or a wall, every piece of art Hayley creates is site specific-collaboration between the surface, the environment and herself. She looks at what’s there, thinks about what the area or wall means or needs, then responds to that with her own ‘inner voice’.

Artwork Location: Building 208 (#14)
Create Your Door

Photographer Bewley Shaylor
Courtesy of FORM

I remember being at university struggling with problems, insecurities and the pressure of facing ‘what to do after college’ so I really wanted the artwork to give a message or a feeling that it’s ok to feel scared or nervous, and that everyone feels that way at some point in their life.
The creature I hope will encourage students to deal with their emotions by sharing them. I totally believe that when we come together and help each other through dark times, we can find and create our own doors to where we need to be.
This artwork is all about inspiriting a sense of community, strength in togetherness, but also pushing through boundaries and creating our own paths.

Hayley Welsh