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PUBLIC Campus 2016 @ Curtin

Jae is a Western Australian illustrator, designer and muralist. Her mural depicts a crowd of misshapen characters walking in different directions, going about their business.

The figures are laid out in three floating rows, creating a very flat repetitive composition and evoking a sense of the bustling University Campus. Each character is unique, showing a different element to anyone that passes. Jae mapped these figures out with a grid system and transferred each one with paper. She painted the mural with a gloss.

Artwork Location: Building 204 (#8)

Photographer Christophe Canato
Courtesy of FORM

I thought the idea was fitting for the campus, it creates some liveliness and action. The most interesting part for me was forming each unique character, each with their own funny bumpy bodies, facial expressions and strange ways of moving.

Jae Criddle