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PUBLIC Campus 2016 @ Curtin

Liam Dee is a surrealist who enjoys blending the styles of traditional painting with the energy of pop culture. He creates a mix of realism with a blend of psychedelic form, texture and colour to create a sense of organic life constructed from the inorganic.

Liam won the people’s choice award at the 2008 Perspectives exhibition at the Art Gallery of WA and featured in local exhibitions including King Brown Launch at FORM Gallery 2015 and Loco Locals at the Outré gallery in Northbridge 2013.

His work depicts a surreal ocean scene in a playful reference to university life. The piece was sketched digitally, chalked into the wall and then filled in with colour with the lines sharpened.

Artwork Location: Building 213 (#10)
Campus Current

Photographer David Dewsbury
Courtesy of FORM

The mural explores the idea of university life, the flow of students around campus relating to the way marine life interact on a coral reef and the sometimes overwhelming feelings of life as a student.

Liam Dee